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Site seeing – September 12 – The photography of Weston Langford

I recently discovered the work of Weston Langford through another model railway blog. All of his work has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Site 1: Weston Langford Railway Photography

Subtitled as “Documenting railways and related infrastructure since 1960” the website is now being maintained by Weston’s son-in-law, Andrew Godfrey. And what a treasure trove it is.

Image courtesy of http://www.westonlangford.com/
Image courtesy of http://www.westonlangford.com/

Weston had a long career as an engineer in and about the railways in Australia and interestingly on the Canadian Pacific Railway. His life in pictures (all 38,325 of them) is a gift passed down to us. And something that we should be thankful for and respectful of when using them.

The only niggle that I have – and I know this is a personal issue – is that you cannot search all images of a location – without knowing some information about the image. Wildcard searches are not allowed. Apart from that though, by looking at his CV you can get an idea of where he was and therefore narrow down the search by using the year and month to reach the results that you want.

Take a look around and enjoy the images and not only of Australia but across the working world of Weston Langford.


Site seeing – August 26 – Weathered and downright dirty

If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, or know me personally, you’ll know that I don’t like clean things (my personal hygiene excepted). Every model I touch ends up weathered to one degree or another. And so onto todays sites of interest.

Site 1: Dirty stuff by Martin Wellberg – A German Gmhs 53 Boxcar in scale 1 (1:32nd scale)

This is part 1 of Martin’s so far 3 part treatise on weathering this large railcar. Wait till you see the photos. That’s all I’m saying on the matter.

Site 2: This is part 2 of the weathering of said German boxcar

In part 2 there is a little more of what Martin has been up to. Drool people, just drool.

Site 3: Part 3 from above

More train eye candy as Martin gets on with the weathering on the Gmhs 53 boxcar.

Site 4: Freerails Forum posts by Martin on other large-scale rail subjects

You should not need to be a member to view the posts. Definitely to post or reply though. Lots more pictures in what is now a 6 page post by Martin and those of us following him. Not to be missed.

Here’s a taste of the work Martin is creating:

I hope you enjoy Martin’s work.