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The difference that trees can make to a scene

The difference that a few trees can make to a layout scene should never be underestimated.

Over on the Port Rowan layout blog Trevor has just completed the planting of trees at St Williams, where (unlike the original) the layout bends around the wall.  use the link below and look at the two pictures on the page. There is certainly more than trees going on here, there’s light and shadow and a fence and some other additions to the scene.

But Wow! What a difference has been made by the addition of the tree armatures.

Check out that post: Link Here

But wait, there’s still more. Check out his second post from a couple of days later: Link Here

Trevor now goes into the scene and really shows some of the visual differences the trees make. I’ve never met Trevor, and we live on totally different sides of the planet, but I feel tied to his style of modelling.

Hope that you are having a good evening where ever you are.