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Site seeing – January 15 – the too dirty may not be dirty enough edition

In the past I’ve seen a lot of weathering done that I said was too heavy, unrealistic. Something that you’d never see in the wild. Today I reviewed one of Adrian Nicholls photos on his photostream on flickr.

Dirty Diesel Season. 66 301 at Kingmoor TMD.Image courtesy Adrian Nicholls – via flickr

I take it all back. Adrian says on the site: “66 301 catches the late afternoon sunshine at Carlisle Kingmoor TMD after its 21 hour diagram on train 3J11 the North West RHTT circuit, (17.15 to 14.05). The loco has just been fuelled and is waiting while the water jetter generator and rear loco (66 427) are dealt with. It will then do the whole circuit again hence the accumulation of filth on the locomotive as there is little depot down time on this circuit for cleaning. Never a very pleasant time of the year to deal with locos in such a condition as what every you touch is covered in filth off the track and a drivers railway uniform can soon resemble a fitters overalls if you are not careful.

I guess you really have to model from the prototype. I would never have thought of making a locomotive this filthy. But there you have it.

Site Seeing – April 1 – Small O scale layouts 1

O scale, whether 1:48 US scale or UK scale 1:43, are outstanding in small spaces. With DCC operation, and the ability to run locomotives with sound has made a complete difference to the displaying and exhibition of layouts in recent years. In this first post in this unfortunately short series we’ll look at one of my favourite small UK O scale layouts: Oldham King Street

Now owned by David Hampson the layout was originally built as Percy Street by Ian Futers.It was later modified by David to become Oldham King Street.

Image 1: In its original guise as Percy Street

Enjoy the videos of the operation of Oldham King Street. I hope they give you ideas for your own small layout. Don’t forget to visit the layout pages on this site too. There are many small layout designs there for you to use.

In this video note the smoke generators (which first attracted me to the layout many years ago:

In this second video, an open wagon has split the points and needs re-railing…

Finally watch this video for ideas of the operation available in this small space…

There are plenty more on YouTube, just search “Oldham King Street”.

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Site seeing – March 10 – the Llanastr, B&MR edition

Small layouts really tick the box for me when it comes to model railroading and I’m assuming they tick your box also since you all keep coming back. Recently this English layout was discussed on the Prince Street blog. On to today’s sites.

Site 1: Llanastr, B&MR web site

The idea for the layout was born in the early eighties when the builder moved from All PostsWales and found himself in an apartment too small to accommodate the layout he’d been building based on the Brecon and Merthyr station at Rhymney.

Llanastr - thanks to the ScaleFour Society's website
Image 1: The entire layout in all it’s finished glory

To keep his skills up and to run his stock he decided a compact layout should be built that allowed a fast setup and takedown time. Llanastr was the result. The home site has a full history of the layout and the build details.

Site 2: The ScaleFour Society’s website – pictorial

The image shown above provides a comprehensive overview of the layout. But there’s still more (unfortunately no steak knives). Head on over to the ScaleFour’s site and take a look at the other images of the layout, they are worth the effort after the jump.

Site 3: Llanastr on YouTube

Although short this video provides a full overview of the layout and shows in detail the sheet background (I’ve not seen one better) and the track plan. If you look closely in the left-hand end of the layout you’ll see the operator using the pivot table to move a loco onto another road.

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Dapol 08 in 7mm scale

While I cannot find anything of use (at all) on the Dapol site on the new UK Class 08 shunter they’re releasing sometime during 2016. You can read more about it on Tower Model’s website: http://www.tower-models.com/towermodels/ogauge/dapol/dapolloco/class08/index.htm

The nuts and bolts of the model are as follows:

  • Fine cast metal coupling hooks and chains.
  • Finely moulded body with many separately added fine details.
  • Etched name plates where applicable.
  • DCC ready with PluX 22 pin socket for control of all aspects of running.
  • Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring.
  • Tungsten chassis and all wheel pick-up.
  • Tooling designed to allow production of alternate models in the future.
  • Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor and flywheel for superior running and performance
  • Accessory bag with spares and other added detail.

Surprisingly, the model will be reasonably affordable for those of us overseas (not in old Blighty). Considering that we don’t have to pay the VAT, even with shipping, the base cost is only about the $AU355 dollar mark – depending on the currency fluctuation. And that is not that bad. Anyone interested in helping “The Andrew Martin Inaugural O Scale Loco Conservation and Operating Fund”? This will make sure that I can properly curate and run one of these little beauties for all time! And you will get your name engraved on a scale sized plate on the side of the locomotive; And you’ll get to come over and run the loco too on running days! You may have to pay your own airfare, although you can sleep on the couch for free!

While I’m waiting for the money to arrive zip on over to the Albion Yard blog to see the images. Outstanding stuff Dapol. But should I have to go to Tower Model’s website to see more about your model? Really?

Albion Yard


Albion Yard in 7mm next?


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