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Evans Hollow Industrial Build: Quick Update – 05 October 2019

Yeah. It’s been a while. Don’t worry, it’s me, not you. So what’s been happening on the layout of late? Not a whole lot to be frank. We’re in the middle of packing prior to a move back to Melbourne … Continue reading

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Evans Hollow Industrial build: Quick Update – 08 August 2019

Wanted to share some photos of the new layout build. I’ve been preparing, and where I needed to, buying wiring materials to complete the major wiring. More… The layout – as built Here are some more images of the layout … Continue reading

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Site update – 20 February – BTM Tram #18 photos

Over November, December and early January I documented some updates to BTM Tram Number 18 as it goes through its rebuild.  The page has a lot of interesting images of the underframe, resistor grids and the motors. Of greater interest, … Continue reading

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Site update – January 26 (the Australia Day version)

Happy Australia Day. Don’t worry if you’re not Australian, enjoy the day with us in any case. Site updates I’ve added a couple of pages to the layout build area of the site: Baseboards and Legs, and Operations Design There … Continue reading

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Site update – January 25

Hi, my name is Andrew and I hoard model railroad stuff. Recently while designing my new layout I worried over the shortage of turnouts on hand. I was about to beg the master of the house to allow me to get a couple more switches … Continue reading

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Site Update: December 31 2015

I’ve added some photos to the Galleries section at last. From the Main menu choose: Galleries > Australia > Melbourne >Trains > Cheltenham Galleries > Australia > Melbourne > Trams > A2 Class, and Galleries > Australia > Melbourne > … Continue reading

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Updating Athearn Blue Box Railbox XAF 10 cars

It has been some time since I’ve had the funds or the time really to do much of anything in the modelling realm.

I’ve simply not had the funds to bring a lot of the work I’ve had underway forward to completion. Thanks to the Taxman and a payout due to being laid off, I’ve been able to order some extra parts to complete most of my Railbox cars. Continue reading

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More on the new layout

Originally posted on the old DasBlog – Thursday, March 28, 2013 While I am not working on the layout of a weeknight, doesn’t mean that I am not thinking on the layout. My son Ewan (who is 8) got me … Continue reading

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