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Site seeing – April 6th – track charts aplenty

My favourite layout planning tool for US themed layouts is the railroad’s track and spot maps. I have several, bought when we lived in the USA from 1997 – 2006. When I’m looking for modelling inspiration that’s the first place I look into. They go by many names; Southern Pacific uses SPINS, others use CLICS, while others use ZTS. On to today’s treasure trove…

Site 1: Prototype track and industry charts – a primer

Byron Henderson, with the help of Bruce Morden wrote a great introductory article available on this website. It is a reprint from Layout Design Journal #26 of Spring 2001. Very well worth the read for those of you who have not seen a track chart or map of this kind before.

Site 2: Conrail Archives – ZTS (Zone Track Spot) Charts

For those interested in the Conrail era and areas served what a feast this site is. Clicking the link above takes you off to a library of ZTS maps neatly packaged in PDF format. Armed with a ZTS map, Bing and Google maps there is almost nothing that you cannot research.

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