Layout Ideas

Over time I’ve drawn more layout ideas than I’ve ever put into a CAD program of any type. Sometimes the mood simply takes me, other times the wish to apply the K.I.S.S. principle takes hold. The following pages provide a lot of detail and photos of the areas listed. Each has its own history, style and focus. Each can be a layout on its own, or part of a larger layout if you have the money, time and space.

The Texas sites I visited, often measured and photographed while I lived there from 1997 – 2006. Other sites have become easier to research thanks to Google Maps and Bing Maps as the years have gone by.

All text and images are the Copyright of Andrew Martin and must not be used without prior authorisation. Copying for personal use may be permitted with attribution of the source file location and the details of the copyright owner. Contact me for more details if needed using the form on the Contact Me page.

  1. Texas (USA)
    1. Austin, Texas – Vinson Lead (2000)
      1. Commercial Metals Recycling
      2. DelStar Technologies Spur
      3. US Foodservice
      4. Recent Google Street Vision
      5. Austin, Texas – Vinson Lead – MOW Oddity (2000)
      6. New Braunfels, Texas – ADM Mill (Inglenook) (2003)
  2. Florida (USA)
    1. Miami, Florida – Bakery (2013)
    2. Miami, Florida – Transload Facility (2013)
  3. Virginia (USA)
    1. Richmond, Virginia – Lehigh Cement (2014)
  4. Kendallville, Indiana
    1. Kendallville Terminal Railway Co (KTR) (2015)

As I find them, and find the time to write them up, I’ll document my findings for you.


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