Site seeing – June 1

Over on Gene’s P48 (Proto 48 – Fine US O Scale) blog he’s building the first of a series of Wilson meat reefers.  Today’s first post provides some information about the series of cars that he is building. The following articles are bringing the build process up to date so far.

While the articles are about building a car in American Proto 48 O Scale there is much to be learned about scratchbuilding from gene that can be applied to any scratch build or bash project you might have in the work. Take the time and take a look around. I’ll be applying the techniques Gene’s been writing about to my future modelling work.

Site 1: Commentary – Meat Reefers [+ Link Here]

This article provides a run down of the types of reefer and some of the inaccuracies in existing models of this type.

Site 2: Modeling: Meat Reefers [+ Link Here]

This is the first article on building the reefer. The focus of this article is on the basics of the design and starting the body.

Site 2 Modeling: Next step on the reefer [+ Link Here]

The second article focuses on the steps to complete the basic body. This includes some really great ideas on how to complete the sub-roof for structural integrity and the visible roof.

Site 3: Modeling: Refining the door and the roof [+ Link Here]

In the third instalment of this series Gene focuses on fixing a problem with the door, take note, after he had already built it, and focuses on refining the final roof structure.

Site 4: Modeling: Simple Fixture for Roof [+ Link Here]

Gene shows the fixture he built for measuring and cutting the roofing boards.

Site 5: Modeling: Wilson Underframe Construction [+ Link Here]

Gene goes on with the build this time focusing on the under frame.

Site 6: Modeling: Progress on the Wilson reefer [+ Link Here]

Gene continues with the under frame, focusing on building the bolsters.


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